Fifa 18 gameplay xbox 360

Fifa 18 gameplay xbox 360

Make the most of your loan players in the limited number of matches they are available for. Here is the list of wrong things in the game- - Same old commentary with all the same old rehashed comments from many years ago - Many leagues missing Chinese being the main concern for me - Half-assed attempt with some leagues such as Serie A which doesn’t even have its proper name - Hardly any new stadiums added to the game that we would care about - Barely any new faces added into the game leagues like SPFL, Eredivisie, Brazilian league, French League, Serie A, Bundesliga, and La Liga completely ignored by EA - Relates to above, game only focuses on EPL - Career mode has been given minimal attention to improving it which is very sad - Lack of new modes - Continued support to FUT which proves EA only care about earning even more dirty money which they don’t deserve - Microtransactions are still in the game - No mod support thus we are stuck with this terrible base game unless EA actually do something to improve it themselves - Terrible music playlist!!

fifa 18 gameplay xbox 360 FIFA is back with FIFA 18, promising to be bigger and better than ever.

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Career mode has felt the same for a few years now but it has received an overdue facelift this year with the Frostbite engine springing into action for new cutscenes that come into play during transfer negotiations.

The insight for me that EA must have seized upon was that not every FUT player enjoys the online competitive element as much as playing against the computer.